Freeputer ( ) [ ] { } forever free

What is Freeputer?

Freeputer is a free computer. Free as in freedom.

Freeputer is a tiny virtual machine easily ported to most modern architectures, including bare metal, and requiring neither file system nor operating system. This offers extreme portability and the freedom to use software forever without designed obsolescence.


Freeputer is brand new. It was released on 8 August 2015.

Freeputer and Freelang are the product of several years of independent research by Robert Gollagher. Although the current implementation is brand new, the general design concept has been well proven by earlier prototypes. The Freelang language is stable and productive.

For the latest news see Milestones below.

Freeputer says 你好 ...

Here is the output from a simple Freeputer program:

Hello from Freeputer

Hello from Freeputer

As you can see, the program greets the user in Chinese and English.

The compiled program is 276 bytes in size. It requires neither an operating system nor a file system. It was written in Freelang, a stack-oriented, concatenative, compiled language for Freeputer. The Freelang compiler (known as flc) is self-hosted; that is, it is written in Freelang, runs on the FVM and can compile itself.

Freeputer edits text ...

You can create, edit, compile and run programs on Freeputer instances. For example, the FreeLine text editor is written in Freelang and runs on Freeputer. It is accessed from a terminal emulator.

Here is FreeLine being used to edit the source code for itself:

The Freelang source code for FreeLine, viewed in FreeLine

The Freelang source code for FreeLine, viewed in FreeLine

For comparison, here's the same code in gedit:

The Freelang source code for FreeLine, viewed in gedit

The Freelang source code for FreeLine, viewed in gedit

The future

Freeputer and Freelang are free and extensible.

What will you make with Freeputer?

For further details

Please visit the Freeputer project on GitHub or Bitbucket.


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